Getting Started Guide
Playing Hoopla on Apple TV
You Tube Channel
Guide to offline PlayBack

Supported Devices & Browser

Apple iOS 6.0 & above

·         iPhone 3GS and newer
·         iPad 2 and newer
·         iPad mini
·         iPad Air
·         iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer

Android (most) 4.0 & above

·         Ice Cream Sandwich and newer
·         Nook (Kobo)
·         Kindle Fire HDX 7" & 8.9" (side load with Slide Me app)

*Note: With the rollout of Android 4.4.2 (or Kit Kat), software updates to the
Samsung Galaxy S4 device have rendered audiobooks unplayable. When
patrons try to borrow audiobooks in hoopla on a Galaxy S4 - Android 4.4.2
device, they will get the following message: “Audiobooks are temporarily
disabled on this device.

”To find the app: Head to the app store on the device and search for
"hoopla digital'. Download the app. If the app is not viewable in the
Google Play store, the device is not supported.

Using Hoopla on a computer

Hoopla supports major web browsers:

·         Internet Explorer (IE 11 has been reported to have
          compatibility problems with Hoopla)
·         Firefox
·         Safari
·         Google Chrome

In order to use a web browser to watch video, patrons will need
to download a browser add-on called Widevine. Patrons should
be prompted to download this when they first click the title they
are wishing to play. If they are not prompted to download this
plug0-in, they can head to