Overdrive update

18 September 2018

The PSG voted to allow the Recommend to Library (RTL) feature in Overdrive.  It is live now.  This means when patrons search for a title they will also see titles we don’t yet own but could purchase.  If the patron would like us to purchase the title they can click the Recommend button and we will consider it.  Before clicking Recommend the patron sees a message explaining that there is no guarantee the title will be purchased.  The PSG decided to put a limit of 5 requests per patron per month to start with.  If after six months, we haven’t found the volume of requests onerous, we may raise the limit. 

Explore Your Library Contest

05 September 2018

Explore your library and you could win one of two $250 gift cards from Peace Library System!

Simply complete the four "missions" on a card you can receive from our librarians and we will enter you into a draw to win a $250 gift card of your choice! Eligible for everyone ages 13+

Find the full contest rules here: peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca/contest-rules

BiblioTECH en Francais Project

17 April 2018

More Francophone programs and resources will be provided as part of this two-year project. Updates will be posted on our website and on Facebook 


Check out this great article on My Grande Prairie Now: https://www.mygrandeprairienow.com/37582/falher-library-creating-more-francophone-resources/

Introducing Pronunciator

09 April 2018

Pronunciator is new and replacing MANGO Languages

Pronunciator is a fun and free way to learn any of 80 languages with self-directed lessons,
 live teachers, movies, music, and more.

Learn online, and get our app for your mobile device!

New Database

21 October 2017