BiblioTECH en franҫais

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our BiblioTECH en franҫais project, made possible by the generous funding provided by the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Expression Fund.

We are a BiblioTECH that encourages patrons to explore Library e-Resources. 

There is a very strong demand for these resources in our region.  In 2017 our overall e-Resource checkouts (combined for Overdrive, Cloud Library, RB Digital and Hoopla) was # 7 of 45 libraries in the Peace Library System (and, we are the smallest library by population base in the e-Resource top 10).  
Our bilingual staff provides assistance on how to access materials, but ALL of our written documentation is in English.  This project will allow us to provide e-Learning documents in French, which will be made available online under a new BiblioTECH en franҫais tab on our website at   Other francophone populations in the Peace Library System (Grande Prairie, Peace River, St. Isidore) will be able to use this information to support their patrons too.
More Francophone programs and resources will be provided as part of this two-year project.
Updates will be posted on our website and on Facebook
La bibliothèque se veut un centre d’apprentissage et un centre social bilingue dynamique au service de deux municipalités et des régions avoisinantes.  Les fonds alloués par FAC permettront à cette biblioTECH d’accroître et de promouvoir ses ressources franҫaises de formation en ligne ainsi que l’ensemble de sa programmation et de ses services en franҫais.
If you have suggestions on programs you would like to see, please complete this survey and email it to the Board – we would love to hear from you – we are your Library and are so much more than books!

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
From The Board of Directors of the Falher Regional Intermunicipal Library Board


The following brochures are available in French: